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"What if what you've believed your whole life...
isn't the real Christ?

Truth is everything.

It does have eternal consequences."


Eight individuals...devoted, faithful Mormons, with unshakable testimonies and a sincere love for the LDS Church...now say that they have found something greater.

What could possibly cause them to abandon what they had held near and dear? What could draw them to step away from the very foundation of their lives? What life could they possibly have found beyond Mormonism?

Come hear their stories. It may not be what you're thinking.


Micah Wilder was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. About six months into his mission, he had an encounter with a pastor who challenged him to read the Bible to see if what Mormonism taught was truly biblical.

What ensued was something remarkable. Through his study of God's Word, the Bible, he had a personal, life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. And in the process, he came to understand that Mormonism's teachings did not come from the BIble.

His discovery and his experiences were shared with his fellow missionaries and family members, many of whom came to the same understanding as Micah through their own study of God's Word.

This film tells their story, and proclaims a message of God's rich, abundant, and amazing grace, which frees us from the bondage of sin, fear, and religion...and sets us free to worship God in spirit and in truth!

Unveiling Grace is a production of Sacred Groves Network (a ministry of Main Street Church of Brigham City. It was created principally to share the good news with questioning Mormons--Mormons who were asking the question, "Is there life after Mormonism?" It was released in March of 2011, and we make it freely available to seeking Mormons (both online and via a free DVD request), and for those who wish to have copies available to hand out, we make it available AT COST.


Participant Biographies

Micah Wilder
Micah Wilder was born and raised in an active and faithful Mormon home, and grew up in Indiana and later Utah. He and his brothers all served on LDS missions, his father was active in church leadership and his mother was a professor at Brigham Young University. He served a mission in Orlando, Florida, where he was challenged to read the Bible...a challenge that changed his life, and set him on a journey to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is now the percussionist and audio engineer for the Adam's Road band. He is married with three children. [watch his uncut interview]
Joseph Warren
Joseph Warren was raised in Utah in an faithful Mormon home. He served on an LDS mission in Orlando, Florida, where he met Micah and was encouraged by him to begin studying the Bible, which led to his own transformation to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is a vocalist and plays the guitar for the Adam's Road band. He is married. [watch his uncut interview]
Matt Wilder
Matt Wilder (Micah's older brother) grew up in a faithful Mormon home, and served an LDS mission in Denmark. When his younger brother became a Christian and encouraged him to read the Bible, this set in motion Matt's transformation to follower of Jesus. He plays the piano, accordion and does vocals for the Adam's Road band. He is married with 1 daughter. [watch his uncut interview]
Jay Graham
Jay Graham was born and raised in Florida, and had lived a very "worldly" lifestyle prior to his conversion to the Mormon Church. Through his church associations, he befriended several of the young men who would eventually comprise the Adam's Road band. It was through their encouragement that he, too, gave up Mormonism and embraced the Jesus of the Bible. [watch his uncut interview]
Steve Kay
Steve Kay was raised in Seattle, Washington, to a family of rich Mormon pedigree. He, too, served an LDS mission in Orlando, Florida, and graduated from BYU. Through his interactions with the members of Adam's Road, he was challenged to put his faith in Jesus Christ and not in Mormonism; he was the last of the Adam's Road band members to become a Christian. [watch his uncut interview]
Stefan Dennis
Stefan Dennis was raised in a faithful Mormon family in Utah, and like many of his fellow participants, served an LDS mission in Orlando, Florida. Following his mission, he married and began to struggle with doubts about Mormonism. Since he had been acquainted with some of the Adam's Road band members, he began to ask them about their own transformation, which forced him to study his way out of Mormonism and into Jesus Christ; his wife followed shortly thereafter. He and his wife now live in central Florida with their two children, and he is active in many of the "behind-the-scenes" aspects of the Adam's Road ministry. [watch his uncut interview]
Michael Wilder
Michael Wilder (father to Micah and Matt Wilder) was a convert, together with his wife Lynn, to the LDS Church. While in the LDS Church, he served in a number of positions of leadership, including the High Council and in the Bishopric. His journey out of Mormonism and into biblical Christianity began with his son Micah's encouraging him to study the Bible. [watch his uncut interview]
Lynn Wilder
Dr. Lynn Wilder (mother to Micah and Matt) converted to Mormonism with her husband Michael. She, too served in many positions of leadership and was eventually invited to become a professor of multicultural studies at Brigham Young University. Her journey out of Mormonism and into a relationship with Jesus was also sparked by her son Micah's encouragement. Lynn devoured the Bible, and realized she could no longer be a BYU professor, and so resigned her position. [watch her uncut interview]



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