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Why do we ask for "confirmation?"

Because our budget for sending out free materials is limited, we want to make sure that everything we sent out is wanted and welcome.

Some well-meaning people might want to use the "Free DVD" form to have a DVD to be sent to someone else--usually anonymously. In the past, this has resulted in us getting angry responses from people who thought we had targeted them for unwanted and unsolicited materials. We don't want to do this.

We are happy to send a free DVD to anyone in the United States who asks us directly (as long as we are able to do so). However, if YOU want to send DVDs to people that you know, it would help us if you would purchase them (we charge only our material cost) and then give them or send them to the people you know. We encourage people to have several copies on hand to give away.

You can also send the link to the "Free DVD" page to anyone you think might be interested. If they are, then they can request a copy for themselves.

Thank you for understanding!

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